04/03/2013 14:51

04.03.2013 13:35

Simon Eyes Clear 2013
Duo CACIB Fribourg
At this exhibition, I Subscribes 4 malamute 2 males and 2 females. And they all ended up with great results !!!
Simon 2x Excelent 1 CAC res. CACIB fini Champion Switzerland
Je suis très fier de Simon, il a trois ans et a déjà remporté cinq championnats

Prince 2x Excelent 1 CAC Junior BOB Junior fini Junior Champion od Switzerland

Carmen 2x VP1 Best Puppy of Breed

Liza Excelent 1 CAC Junior commencé Junior Champion of Switzerland

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Indiana Jonas Malamute Sanctuary (fils de notre Simon ) HD A